Anandajit Goswami is an economist by training and has research interests on the interfaces of economic modelling, ecological, resource, macro, micro, international trade and developmental economics, and sustainability science from an interdisciplinary lens.As TERI Africa Coordinator, he was based at United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), Addis Ababa where he coordinated South-South Cooperation initiatives. He has led projects supported by Asian Development Bank and UK-Aid on macroeconomic and welfare implications of tax, subsidies on petroleum products. He specializes in Computable General Equilibrium modeling, value chain based and econometric macro-modeling. He has also worked on projects applying input- output modeling, social accounting matrix based activity modeling, and energy risk modeling. He has worked as a consultant with WWF India on econometric modelling for assessing certain aspects of sustainability. As a consultant he has also worked with National Institute of Labour Economics Research and Development (under NITI Aayog). He has been associated with various South-South cooperation knowledge exchange programmes, supported by UNECA, United Nations Industrial Developmental Organization, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, Ministry of Water and Energy, Government of Ethiopia, Horn of Africa Regional Environment Centre and Network, Addis Ababa University.

Anandajit has written India's first children science fiction bookon sustainability titled - "Lucy and The Train: Tryst with Sustainability" published by TERI Press and has coauthored and coedited two reference books on sustainability titled - "Sustainability Science for Social, Economic and Environmental Development" and "Economic Modelling, Analysis and Policy for Sustainability" published by IGI Global from Pennsylvania, U.S.A. He has published papers in peer reviewed journals and contributed chapters to books. He has co-authored a booklet on South South Cooperation and Knowledge Exchange issues and edited a booklet related to regulatory issues on biofuels.

He has been giving talks on “Economics of Sustainability” in South South Knowledge exchange programmes. He has initiated a "Music for Sustainability" programme to work with national and international musicians on the issue of sustainability. Other than this, he has contributed popular articles in newspapers and blogs for Economist, Reuters Foundation. Presently, Anandajit is a member of International and Indian Society for Ecological Economics. He is pursuing a Ph.d at TERI University on nonlinear dynamic system analysis of rural energy transition and has obtained Masters in International Economics with Specialization in World Economy from the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.


What We Are


The Organization for Harnessing Research Innovation (TOHRI) is a one person limited liability company (OPC) aiming to work on the social, economic and environmental domains of sustainability. Sustainability as a concept is often like an abstract emotion of care, affection that gives comfort to the people of the society. The emotion can be felt but cannot be seen. TOHRI attempts to break this gap by launching a set of activities that will focus on different issues pertaining to the social, economic and environmental domains of sustainability. The issues will be addressed through a set of services that TOHRI will offer for its clients which in return will contribute to addressing the economic, social and environmental pillars of sustainability.


Sustainability which is an abstract concept can also be attempted to be achieved through a set of services provided by an OPC for its varied clients in the society through sustained flow of revenue generation. The clients can vary from government, public, private agencies, common people, corporates, schools, colleges, policy and decision makers. When TOHRI will provide its services on various issues pertaining to sustainability by different communication mediums it will compel all the end users of the services like government, public, private agencies, common public, corporates, schools, colleges, policy and decision makers to RETHINK ABOUT SUSTAINABILITY. Therefore the VISION of TOHRI is to constantly strive in the JOURNEY OF RETHINKING SUSTAINABILITY through its clients.


The entire set of activities of TOHRI will be divided into the following domains
For each of these actvities, there will be a set of clients who will sponsor the services to be provided by TOHRI.

In this programme area of activity, policy research will be conducted by researchers of TOHRI on different policy relevant issues encompassing economic, environmental and social domains of sustainability. The research will be supported by government, public, private agencies, nongovernmental organizations, think tanks.

In this programme area of activity, musicians of TOHRI will compose music for the cause of economic, environmental and social domains of sustainability. Choreographers will compose dance drama for sustainability and writers, authors will publish fictional books for sustainability causes. In each of the activity area, TOHRI will also collaborate with production, publication houses, creative artists and university to disseminate music, dance, drama and publication products to the market and will be disseminated through various electronic and nonelectronic outreach platforms.

In this programme area of activity, projects related to livelihood generation, social empowerment and awareness programme for sustainability causes will be conducted.

In this activity area, TOHRI will organize sports events like corporate sports tournaments, football and cricket tournaments for corporates for the cause of sustinability. The fund mobilized through these activities will be channeled to CSR and livelihood generation projects.Moreover, debates, quiz and jam sessions for corporates will be conducted on issues of sustainability.


The process of sustaining activities of TOHRI will be based on the revenue inflows that will come from each client for the service provision of TOHRI.


TOHRI comprises of young researchers, creative artists, designers, communicators with able guidance provided by experienced and distinguished advisors working in the field of sustainability for more than 30 years.

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