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Concept, Idea, Content – By Issam Adeeb Sheikh, B.A. English Honours, Jamia Milia Islamia
Curated by – Vidusshi Pathak, B.A. English Honours, Jamia Milia Islamia
Edited, Reworked and Illustrated by – Anandajit Goswami

By 2060, there was no more land in Bhadarwah. Now, I don't mean that the land over there had somehow degenerated over the ages; it was still there, but was hidden under all the trashes that dwellers of Bhadarwah had piled and then subsequently thrown out of their house. By 2100, the plateau of trash dangerously strived to look down upon Kailash and the other mountains that surrounded Bhadarwah. Slowly, and gradually, the valley of Bhadarwah was land-filled, and was not a natural valley anymore. Houses were built on the vast hills of trash.
Under these circumstances, a woman in a time-machine space ship air-landed in the exact centre of the ocean of trash from an outer galaxy. The ship landed on earth through a backward time travel. A woman from the spaceship came out and landed in a place that had once been called the Seri Bazar in 2016.

On looking around, she discovered that she was standing in a geographical depression around Bhadarwah. Upon figuring this out, she realised that the area that had-once-been-Nagar was deeply buried. However, it was not as deeply buried as Athkhar, Sungli, or Chobia. Confused, she wandered all over the landfill, and tried to ask the trash-dwellers about the topographical dissimilarities of the terrain. But, nobody had the faintest idea. The trash dwellers were accustomed to the trash- filled valleys of 2100 just like the natural valleys of 2016. Finally, she cried out within the valley of trash with despair and a voice came out saying - "O Athkhar! O Sungli! O Chobia! What is it that you all didn't have in your small towns of Athkhar, Sungli, and Chobia, and have lost so irretrievably?"
The answer echoed in a heart-wrenching voice within the woman’s conscience as - "MUNICIPALITY!"

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