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The Foolish Brahmin

Written by: Vanita Pathak
Edited by: Vidusshi Pathak
Illustration by: Vidusshi Pathak

One fine day, three rogues were walking along a lonely path. Suddenly they saw a Brahmin walking with a goat. They decided to steal the goat from the Brahmin. They started framing strategies for the same. The first rogue said, “Let’s run away with the goat: the Brahmin is too fat and lazy to chase us!”

The Foolish BrahminThe second rogue said, “There is no need of running away. I have a brilliant idea!” and he told his friends about the trick he had thought of. All of them liked the idea very much!

One of them went to the Brahmin and said,”Good morning, sir. Your dog looks very cute! Which breed is it?” On hearing this, the Brahmin looked at the man angrily and said “Go away stupid fellow! It is really funny that you mistake a goat for a dog.”
“Will you consider me a wise man if I say that your dog is a goat? HAHAHA!” said the rogue and went away.

After a few minutes, the third rogue approached the Brahmin and said, “Good morning, learned sir! I wonder why are you walking when you can very well ride on this pony of yours?” To this, the Brahmin replied, “My goodness, do you think that this goat is a pony?” The rogue started laughing; “I thought you were a learned Brahmin, but I now realize that you’re a fat head who knows nothing!” said the rogue and walked away.

Sometime later, the Brahmin was approached by the third rogue. He said, “Good morning priest, why have you selected this donkey as your fellow traveler?” The Brahmin asked nervously, “Is this animal a donkey?” “Of course it is!” said the rogue in an assertive tone.

The Brahmin got frightened after this and started thinking that the goat was really a monster who changed forms from time to time. He left the goat on the road and ran away. The three rogues happily grabbed the goat and fled from the spot.

Moral: Sometimes faith in yourself can be beneficial than relying on others.


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Shubh Garg on :

Great blog with brilliant and simply written stories! Apt for people of all ages!

Savita Kaul on :

Believe in yourself and rest will fall into place...keep it up..nice work

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