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The Ignorant Villager

Written by: Vanita Pathak
Edited by: Vidusshi Pathak
Illustration by: Vidusshi Pathak

Once upon a time in a hypothetical village named Palampur there lived a farmer Kishan. He did not know how to read and write. He was fascinated by villagers using glasses while reading and writing. He also wanted a pair for himself. So one day Kishan went to the town. He bought for himself a nice pair of glasses from the optical store. After buying it, he asked for a book from the shopkeeper to see whether the glasses were helping him to read. However, Kishan was disheartened because he could not read anything.

The Foolish BrahminThe shopkeeper noticed that Kishan was holding the book upside down and gave him a doubtful look. He said, “Perhaps you don’t know how to read”. Kishan told him that he bought the glasses in order to read like the other villagers.

To this, the shopkeeper replied, “Glasses are meant for improving vision and not for learning how to read; first of all, you must learn how to read and write, only then wearing glasses can help you.” Kishan walked away on realizing the truth.

Moral: Education is the only way to come out of ignorance.


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Shivangi pasricha on :


Prannay on :

Education sure does come first!

pankaj yadav on :

Surely the best one, nice to have an opportunity to read such a blog ✌✌✌

Ashapurna Das on :

I LOVE THIS! Eagerly waiting for more such short story blogs! love them!

Sagar on :

Such a great story with a great moral. Nice idea.

Shubh Garg on :

Inspiring stories with indispensable morals! Keep it up! :-)

Savita Kaul on :

Education is the powerful tool, when used as knowledge pays wonderful interest.

Deepali Negi on :

A very wonderful and inspiring blog with short, simple yet wonderful stories! Looking forward to more stories!

Yash Rana on :

Great short blog! One of the best I have ever read. Waiting for more stuff like this :-)

Synthiya on :

Very nice blog!! I loved it❤

nikita choudhary on :

education key to everything

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