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Jungle Tales

Written by: Vanita Pathak
Edited by: Vidusshi Pathak
Illustration by: Vidusshi Pathak

Once upon a time the trees in a jungle held a meeting and discussed why humans never visited their jungle. A wise tree convinced others to see reason. She explained that humans were scared of the ferocious animals that lived in their jungle.
The trees were very sad that humans never set foot in their jungle and decided to appeal to god to remove all the ferocious animals from the jungle. God answered their prayers and removed all ferocious animals from the jungle.
As the ferocious animals were removed, humans fearlessly visited the huge jungle and found out the benefits that they could avail from it. They started cutting trees recklessly for business purposes. The trees organized a meeting and debated over the reason as to why they asked god to grant such a wish. The wise tree interrupted them by saying that he could voice his opinion only partially on the day they took that fateful decision. She said that she knew the decision would harm them from the day it was implemented.
Now, all the trees decided to look carefully into the matter and together they decided to appeal to god to restore the ferocious animals that previously lived in the forest.
Jungle TalesNo wonder god listened to their pleas and did the same!
The jungle seemed to be complete again with abundance of flora and fauna. However, the animals were not quite pleased with their situation.
A similar committee was set up by animals of the jungle, they decided to complain to god about the numerous amounts of trees which seemingly posed as a threat, as they could not dodge through the trees easily while trying to escape from the hunters.
Even they were heard by god and he removed all the trees from the jungle at once. However, without trees in the forest it was easier for hunters to spot the animals and shoot them. This decision too failed miserably. The animals then realized their mistake and asked god to restore the natural conditions of the jungle. With both- animals and trees, the jungle flourished once again.

Moral: Tampering with nature results in dire consequences.


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Yash Rana on :

Amazing blog. Half of the words just bounced off my head but the part which I understood was amazing.

Parth Arora on :


Synthiya on :

Wow...very meaningful blog...

Pankaj yadav on :

Yes its precise ✌

Aparesh Goswami on :

Moral of story seems to be reckoned.

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